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What is this companies contact info? Do they have a website?

Kevin Robeson

This is a completely fraudulent lending company. For a $800 loan you repay the first 5 installment of $400 each which is just interest only. Then you start on repaying the principal. After all the payments are done you repay $5,400 for an $800 loan for 21 months. When you try to cancel in the 2 business days given, they ignore the faxes you send, customer support hangs up on you when you tell them you want to cancel the loan. I finally today sent it by registered mail to them. They tell you, you must cancel by email, fax or calling none of the above methods work, they just ignore you.

Native American Loans

Hi everyone, a quick update on Big Picture Loans - they are now using snail mail advertising. I received two Big Picture Loans branded letters inviting me to take out a loan from them. This is 100% incidental, as I have never applied for a loan with them or even contacted them in any way. Pretty funny, they must be carpeting the land with these mailers. It's a basic letter just offering you an easy to get loan. Native American lenders don't normally take this action so they must feel emboldened or desperate, one of the two.

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