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This company gave me a loan when no one else would. I'm not sure why I couldn't get a loan anywhere else. What companies are giving loans more than $500? I haven't had any luck finding that.

Alex Ochoa

Hello I have an account with bison green and I love the tribal lending process only problem is the amount funded was 500 I do understand there are stipulations and I am in new Jersey I want to look into a secondary loan opportunity for a little more to hold me over I have the holidays coming up and I have the pay and work history to show payment responsibilities can you please help me find another lender or is this not possible.

Native Lender

Alex, thank you for message and in answer to your question I believe it's more than just New Jersey. States like New York, Illinois, California and many others are going to limit the number of short-term loans you have outstanding at any time. This started a few years ago and the system is usually administered by the Secretary of State for each state. So that second loan opportunity is most likely not going to work out. And I guess as a side note we might not want to call it an "opportunity" anyway. Paying 300% - 700% annual interest is not an opportunity by any stretch. But I do understand where you were going and that second loan is not going to be allowed. Sorry for the bad news.

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