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Mr Jean Wang Agg

I can't hide this great testimony that take place in my life I will
love everyone to know it and be partaker, I am Mr Jean Wang Agg by
name, I live in Texas, United State Of America, I want to thank
(Mr Erivan) for his kindness upon my family life.

I never knew that there is still nice lender like this on internet and
earth here. Just some Months Back, I was in search for a loan of
$50,000,00 as I was running out of money for feeding and rent. I was
scammed $2,800 Dollars and I decided not to involve my self in such
business again but a Friend of my introduced me to a loan company due to
my appearance and doings.

And I told him that I am not interested of any loan deal anymore but
he told me that there is still a nice lender who he will recommend me
to, and I made a trial and I am most grateful lucky am I today, I was
given a loan amount of $50,000.00usd, by this great Company (ERIVAN
LOAN COMPANY) managed by (Mr Erivan ) If you are in need of a
genuine or legit loan or financial assistance and you can be reliable
and trusted of capable of paying back at the due time of the funds I
will advice you to, contact her via: And you will be free from scams in
the internet.

All thanks to Mr Erivan You are the one who remove me and my
family out of poverty. The reason why i am doing this is that, i
promise Mr Erivan that if i truly got my loan, i will
advertise her company and bring customers to her company. Contact her
now at ( for the Loan you have been
looking for..

Dr William

Hello, My name is Dr William The Head Loan Officer of WALMER CASH LOANS COMPANY via email, We are offering loans from the range of $1000-$10,000,000. We give out legitimate loans to serious individuals or business firms that are in need of loans. We are a registered Loan Firm that is prepared to meet the needs of individuals who aspire to be greater in the front line of capital accumulation.Our Loans are offered at a subsidized interest rate that is favorable to all citizen.We are ready to talk with you about how we can meet your financial needs one on one if possible.if you are interested in this great offer then, Contact us Today for YOUR urgent loan.
1.Copy of ID
2.3 Months Banks Statement
3.Prove of Residence
4.Banking Account Details to receive the loan.
Once this requirement is remitted the loan amount will be transferred to your banking details that you send to us, even if you have bad credit you are welcome, have you been turned down by so many companies? Do you have business idea but no finance? Do you have a bad credit record? apply to the home of solutions to your problem. await your urgent response to this SITE.
. Personal Loans
• Pay Day Loans
• Vehicle Finance
• Home Loans
• Debt Counseling
• Business Loan
. Student Loan
. Medical Loan
. Life Insurance/Property also available.
Regards From Dr William Email:

Dr William

Welcome to a place of debt free and solution home, we have come to the conclusion that it's right time for any South Africa citizen and all the people who apply can buy their own house, good car, established good business, and also pay his/her account off and get some nice phones, basically anything that a consumer would want. All these things can be done by fresh cash, this loan company will offer you any reasonable amount and also lump amounts from $1,000 Dollars to $10,000 000 Dollars. Email us today we also offer the following loans:

* Personal Loan

* Business Loan

* Home Equity Loan

* Debt Consolidations

* Refinancing

* Second Mortgage Loan

* Home Equity

* Home Purchase Loans

* Home loan.
This is a registered and authorized loan company and offer loans to all people who have an income level that qualifies, no credit check, same day approval and instant pay out within a business day or two. We are focused on your financial big picture. Email us today at and one of our lenders will get back to you within five minutes.
Say Good Bye to Debt & Poverty. Actual Cash Loans Available!!! Repayment with a few different methods, including debit cards.

Native American Loans

Very good point the writer made here (Dr. William) because he mentioned that modern day loans (read that as 2014 lending) are using debit cards to both fund the loan to the customer and for repayments to come out of the debit card. No need for the traditional ACH transaction where you need to provide routing number and your personal checking account number. Look at Native American lenders who are using debit cards to repay short-term loans, both payday and installment loans.

lim koh

We offer our Loans to our clients In USD($), Dollars and in the following categories.

Auto ,Mortgage ,Business ,Personal ,Real Estate Loan.

Contact us today for easy loan with less stress. We give out loans at low and affordable interest rate... Why waste more time? Contact us ASAP so we can move on with your request.

Contact us for more information with the Contact below,

Loan Agent: Peter White


Thank you for your response.

Yours Faithfully,
Mr. Lim Koh(C.E.O).


john emmanuel

Hello i am John Emmanuel a Reputable, Legitimate & an accredited money
Lender. I loan money out to individuals in need of financial assistance.
Do you have a bad credit or are you in need of money to pay bills?
i want to use this medium to inform you that i render reliable beneficiary
assistance as I'll be glad to offer you a loan at 2% interest rate to
reliable individuals.

Services Rendered include:
*Home Improvement
*Inventor Loans
*Auto Loans
*Debt Consolidation
*Horse Loans
*Line of Credit
*Second Mortgage
*Business Loans
*Personal Loans
*International Loans.
Please write back if interested.
Upon Response, you'll be mailed a Loan application form to fill. (No social
security and no credit check, 100% Guaranteed!) I Look forward permitting me to
be of service to you. You can contact me via or
Yours Sincerely,

Koh Lian Fong

My Brothers and Sister of Asia country, I am Miss Koh Lian Fong from Singapore; i was in need of loan some month ago. i needed a loan to open my restaurant and bar, when one of my long time business partner introduce me to the this good and trustful loan lender Mr.ZHANG that help me out with a loan, and is interest rate is very low , thank God today. I am now a successful business woman, and I became useful. In the life of others, I now hold a restaurant and bar. And about 22 workers, thank GOD for my life I am leaving well today a happy mother with three kids, thanks to you Mr.HZANG Now I can take care of my lovely family, i can now pay my bill. I am now the bread winner of my family. If you are look for a trustful and reliable loan leader. You can Email him via,(ZHANGLOANCOMPANY@YAHOO.COM Pls tell him Miss Koh Lian Fong, will introduce you to him. THANKS

Brown Loans

Dear Value Customer,
My name is Mr Brown I am the CEO of the Brown Loan Company, we give out legitimate loans to serious and hard working individuals and companies that are in need of loans and that qualify for our program. So that we are able to help our customers we offer all kinds of loans with a 2% interest rate without stress why not apply with us and get your loan transferred to you within two to three days, interested persons or company should contact us via E-mail:
We offer all kinds of categories of loan they
Short term loan 5-10years
Long term loan 20-40
Media term loan 10-20
We offer loan like
Home loan.....................
Business loan.................
Debt loan .................
Student loan..............
Business start up loan
Business loan ...........
Car loans are ok too.
When it comes time to find a loan and get some financial help the place to go is here, so just send us an email and application form will be send back to you below is our Email

Don Eick

This new agreement should make the company doesn't charge as much money. The old version of USA Money was not helpful to me at all. I went in thinking this would be a quick fix for my troubles but instead it turned into a slow bleed financially. Just remember that these companies make their living off of you the person taking out the loans. But having said that I do like this report about how the company is getting better and now I may have to take a second look at their terms. But I will look at them skeptically until they show me they are worth doing business with and not up to their old extreme interest rate methods of making money.


Hello my dear people do not full prey to those hoodlums at there that call them self money lender they are all scam , all they want is your money and you well not hear from them again they have done it to me twice before I met Mr. Steve Brown the most interesting part of it is that my loan was transfer to me within 74hours so I well advice you to contact Mr. Brown if you are interested in getting loan and you are sure you can pay him back on time you can contact him via email……… ( or)
They offer all kind of categories of loan they

Short term loan (5_10years)

Long term loan (20_40)

Media term loan(10_20)

They offer loan like

Home loan!!!!!!!!!!!

Business loan!!!!!!!!

Debt loan !!!!!!!!

Student loan!!!!!!!!

Business start up loan

Business loan

Company loan>>> ( or)
When it comes to financial crisis and loan then Steve Brown loan financial is the place to go please just tell him I Mrs. Anita Wilson direct you Good Luck>>>>>>>>>>

Loans For You

Dear Sir/Madam,
We the Wema Loans, Provides both long and short term loan financing. We offer secure and confidential loans at a very low interest rate of 3% per year. We offer a variety of Personal loans, Debt Consolidation Loan, Venture Capital, Business Loan, Corporate Loans, Educational Loans, Home Loan and Loans for any reason that you decide. We are the trusted alternative to bank financing, and our application process is simple and straightforward. Our loan ranges from $5,000.00 (Five Thousand dollars ) to much higher amounts. Additional Info: We're fast becoming the private, discreet, and service oriented lending choice for general loans. We're the company to turn to when traditional lending sources fail. please i want to beg all those that are out there that are just trying to apply for loan OR loans and take it for a joke not to do that here as this is a loan firm that was founded in TRUTH and in full SINCERITY to support everybody in the world with financial help. TAKE NOTE: ANY RULES AND REGULATIONS THAT HAS BEEN LAID DOWN HERE CANNOT BE BEND TO SATISFY ANY CUSTOMER WANTS, AS EVERY CUSTOMER IS EXPECTED TO MEET WITH THE RULES / TERMS IN TRYING TO ACQUIRE A LOAN HERE. IF ANYONE COULD NOT MEET WITH IT HERE, HIS OR HER LOAN APPLICATION WILL BE CANCELLED. 1. Your Full names: 2. Contact address: 3. Occupation: 4. Your Contact Telephone Numbers: 5. Monthly Income: 6. Contact Email Address: 7. Loan Amount:
Name Of Loan Firm: Wema Sundas Loan Investment,
Name of the CEO: Mrs Wema Sundas,
Name Of Personal Assistant: Mr Primo Samakard
Email:,, In receipt of your contact and seriousness to getting a loan here, You will surely get a call from my personal assistant or me the Chief Executive Officer of this loan firm.

Mike Martin

USA Money Shop was a big waste of time for me personally, I took out a small loan and eventually paid over triple the original amount from what I took out in the first place. The whole loan was out for less than four months. People just wake-up and realize that these little loans do not help you instead you will be charged a lot of money and not get anything out of it.


My name is Jonetta and I live in Tennessee, when i was in need of a loan of $85,000,i was tricked by those fraudulent lenders and a friend introduced me to Mr. Scott ,and he offered me the loan without any stress,you can contact him via It's important to not sign for bad loans that will take away your money. There are so many loans out there these days that will take you for all you are worth and then keep coming to get some more cash. Low quality companies are everywhere.


I used USA Money back in 2013 and they did help me out. I want you to know if you choose to take one of their loans you will be paying a lot of money in interest. I had a loan out for less than two months and I paid more cash than I originally borrowed in interest alone. Try to understand, the amount you borrow will be more than double what you pay back. If you actually understand this then go ahead with the loan.


The real key is not to go into debt sorry to say to everyone who is frantically running around trying to get into debt. If you need loan help the best option is your family and your second best option is your friends. First off they will not need you to fill out all the applications and get approved. Second, they are not going to charge you the outlandish amounts of financing fees that you will get hit with if you use one of these payday companies. Try your best to not overspend and try to pay your bills with the money you make from work. Remember you have to pay back what you borrow so it is a financially troubling road you will be going down if you take out a loan.

Attention To The World,

If you need a genuine and reliable loan help,and don’t want to be a scam victim,I think this is for you.This is a testimony on how,I was ripped off by some idiot that calls themselves lenders,and how I finally got my financial freedom through a God sent helper that finally gave my life a meaning,with the least cheapest rates as to 2% interest and little TOKEN other requirements and they don’t give a damn to your credit score…For more info on how to reach this great man just email him now and tell him that Oscar Max testify about him on the internet his email address


Did business with USA Money Shop 2 years ago and wish I had not. The concept is you borrow money for a short period of time and then repay it right? The problem is the fees are outlandish and way too high to repay. I so wish there was some decent lenders out there that could give a $4K loan and pay some acceptable interest rate, I wouldn't even care if it was 40% per year. That would be cheap compared to the crazy rates USA Money was making me pay. I would advise to stay away people.

Todd Wheeler

Before we celebrate USA money shop being back let's first decide whether this was ever a good company to begin with. I don't think they help people that's just my opinion but if you don't agree then go take a loan and watch your bank account go into the red really quickly.


Keep your money and don't get a loan through companies like this, unless you like to be poor. I took a loan from United Cash Loans, which is really similar to USA Money Shop, and they do everything they can to make you stretch out the loan so they can make the most money out of you. Make sure to think twice people.


Sometimes I wonder why anyone is a customer to these type of companies. But then it hits me, hey everyone is completely desperate for money. Jobs are scarce and everyone wants some quick cash.

DR Easy Way

Searching all over the internet for loans can be time consuming and it is often difficult to find the right loan to meet your requirements. EASY WAY FINANCE LOAN COMPANY ( offer a wide range of loan options and could have the right loan for you with personal loans, payday loans, home loans, debt consolidation loans, vehicle finance situations, business loans, all available depending on your circumstances. EASY WAY FINANCE LOAN COMPANY ( will help you with loans, to apply you need to show your most recent bank statement as well as proof of age. EASY WAY FINANCE LOAN COMPANY will also accept applications if you have a bad credit record. If you would like one of the consultants to get in contact and help you find the right loan then simply email us.

We offer the following Loans to interested and minded individual

* Vehicle Loans

* consolidation Loans

* Personal loans

* Business Loans

* Refinance Loans

* Home Loans

* Debt Consolidation

* House Renovation Loans

* Urgent Loans

We are waiting for your loan application.





CONTACT US TODAY VIA EMAIL easywayfinanceloan@gmail


Who cares if they are in business or out of business, don't use this company! Instead of USA Money Shop how about Useless Money Steal cause they are nothing but money thieves. Not going to do business with them ever again.

Dray Cordell

Does anyone really benefit from USA Money Shop? If so I would love them to say right here how they are helped because I was not. The loan was due back almost as soon as I got the money and the amount of interest is paid makes the whole thing not worth my time.


Trying to figure out how this company will help you? The cost is too much for me. Unless you are truly in a real need to get your hands on the cash then try your family or friends first to get some money, or maybe even the company you work for.


What I need is a real lender as in someone who doesn't want a huge amount of interest. These online places are extremely expensive and none of them offer what I would consider a rate that I can live with.

Joanna Barclay

USA Money is out of business again I think, at least when I tried to call the old number I had for them no one answered the phone. Can you find out if they are still in business?

Jess M

Do you know of any loans similar to spot loan that won't require cruising through my checking account

Native American Loans

Hi Jess, the closest thing to Spotloan I can think of is Radiantcash. The team at Radiantcash is willing to use ACH for a checking deposit but they are also open to issuing an old fashioned cashiers check and they will use your debit card as well. After you apply they will call you to ask a few questions but I don't believe they will make you go through a checking account verification process or that wretched mutual phone call to the bank to confirm everything is legit. They are pretty laid back about everything.

Zach in Amarillo

I think usa money is back out of business, at least when I tried to get a loan they didn't respond to me. Maybe I just have bad credit and that was the way they send their denial lol


If you want a legitimate loan company then go to...oh wait, there isn't of those left are there?

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