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amy warren

I tried to borrow money from this company. They weanted a letter from my bank concerning a credit adjustment. I got the letter and still was denied the loan. I thought it was a stop payment but it was a credit adjustment. It is obvious they are two different things.

conserned client

this is the most awful company to deal with. i borrowed 550 dollars Ive paid over 1200 dollars into it and was never told none of it went toward the loan. i would not advise anybody to ever deal with these crooks

Native American Loans

That's right, this is how they operate. Tribal lenders will set-up their loans so that you (the customer) will repay 30% of the outstanding loan on every payday. That is only the finance charge, none of that 30% repayment goes toward the principal loan amount. This is an endless cycle where the customer pays 30% and the loan goes unpaid (100% of the loan value is still outstanding) and the cycle repeats every 14 days. That's the trap of payday lending when you opt for extensions, or if automatic extensions have already been put in place without your knowledge.

carol Howard

They use gotomeeting to view your checking account. Balances, any other pay day loans, returned checks, and go back far enough to determine how long the account had been opened. Even to verify your account number and rooting number by clicking on a cancelled check.


I took a loan from them for $500 and paid it off in full next paycheck. Had to pay $650.00. That gives you an idea of how expensive they are.

Norlender farmer

My back wallet Is a great company they have helped me out plenty of times when needed thanks my back wallet.

Pissed off

My back pocket are a bunch of scam artist. They will get all of personal info including bank info and then you never hear from them. Run people Run don’t even bother.

Native American Lending

Thanks for the comment, and I have been saying the same. Please be very aware of what you are about to do when you digitally 'sign' for these loans. They are destructive, they will not help you. It might feel as though you are being helped for the first few hours or days, but that sense of relief will promptly turn into a sense of doom and horror once you see the enormous cost this loan will hammer you with.

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