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Carole A. Dearmon

I read most of the aforementioned article and was struck by the emphasis on the lack of strict credit checks, etc. I have bad credit and need funds so I applied to Clear Creek and Castle Loans. Both turned me down. It could have been because I am retired. I had a loan with One Click Cash that I paid off. Now One Click is not lending.

Native American Loans

Hi Carole, thanks for your message. I apologize for the lack of clarity on these lenders doing credit checks / income checks. The key is if you have a W-2 income (standard employer paycheck) then you should be easily qualified. If you have self-employment income, or if you are unemployed, or if you have investment income like say a dividend from a stock, those are are all situations where it could be hard to be approved.

A situation where the applicant is retired would make it harder to qualify, too. Clear Creek is worried that you will not have disposable income to make their (very high) interest payments. It's not an income they probably feel is open to their high charges. Another group that has trouble qualifying for tribal loans are independent contractors, again because this type of income is harder to prove and sometimes is paid at irregular intervals.

I would advise you to try applying with Mobiloans, I think they will have a less stringent approval process and I know for sure they have lower interest rates than those at Clear Creek Lending or Castle Loans. And as far as One Click Cash, just try to pretend that they don't exist, whether they are in business, or temporarily not funding loans, or out of business, you don't want a loan through that company. Thanks again!

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