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This is my first time to pay a visit here and i am actully impressed to read all this info at a single place.

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Understandably, when the explanation is bankruptcy, people seeking approval having poor credit chronicles are viewed rigorously. Review what brand of fees penalties are provided if you usually tend to be late paying the loan back.

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The lenders don't make any liability on you with reference to using the cash and it's in order too be easy for you get the loan without complications. Also, you will be asked to demonstrate your capability meet the repayments on time, so that you will not have to modify the loan.

Emanuel Lorenzo

Spot On Loans was a good company. I don't know about Greenline at all, it's too bad that Spot On is gone either way, name change or otherwise.

Question about spot on loans

Spot On Loans wasn't a bad company. Is Greenline the same company or did Greenline buyout the old Spot On Loans?

Abby S

Spot On Loans wasn't too bad but I don't know about greenline.


Who cares? they both are completely useless. Spot On loans helped me once but then they got completely upset when I was late on one payment and ever after they treated me badly. no thanks

1 hour payday loans

If you want a real loan then you have to go to the old fashioned loan stores to get it today. The online guys, which includes all these tribes, will make you wait like 48 hours or more to actually be able to get the money in hand. If you want cash in hand you have to go to the The Cash Store, they are all over the place in Michigan and I think Ohio too. They will get the money to you in like 45 minutes and if you are a returning customer it's like 5 minutes or even less. I looked at Greenline but forget them they have all these forms and I know they will make me wait so I'm not going to do it.

Jerry F

I miss the old Spot On Loans, can't understand why they went out of business or changed to Green Line or whatever they did.

Pam Wachter

I had a loan with spot on loans and when I try to access my account I can not get in. I prefer to see what I owe in writing.

Loan Stores Directory

Hi Pam, thanks for writing. You could try a couple things. First, I would try that same login information that you used for your Spot On Loans account at the Greenline Loans website. If that doesn't work try calling the toll free number at the Greenline Loans website and just tell them that you're a residual Spot On Loans customer and you want to know how to access your existing account, which you understand is now part of Greenline. See what they say, they should be able to help you login or create a new login for your old information. Hope this helps!

John Russo

I would like to explore the opportunity to buy all the charged off loans from lenders in this asset class. If lenders are providing loans to consumers, please call me about selling off your defaulted loans.

Thanks - John Russo - 714-936-7671


Spot On Loans is not the right lender for me. They are now Greenline Loans and they are no better. This company only wants to loan out $200 or $300 max to me this does not help me. Loans are too small, not interested in them.


Face it people there is no logical reason to get a loan that lasts such a short time. I used to play this game but not any more cause I am keeping my money.

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